Maximizing Rugs for Commercial Spaces

Maximizing Rugs for Commercial Spaces

Posted On February 13, 2024

The last thing you want office spaces to be is dull and lifeless. One of the ways you can change this is through getting rugs as a way to spruce up your space. This is a practical way to highlight the comfort and personality of your office space without needing a complete design overhaul. 

This guide explores why incorporating rugs into your office space is a smart choice, highlighting the factors to consider when selecting the ideal rug size for your office. Discover how the right office rug can enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and overall ambiance of your workspace.

How to Maximize Rugs for Commercial Spaces

Enhance Your Aesthetics

Rugs can bring a burst of color, intricate patterns, and inviting textures, infusing personality into your commercial space. They serve as more than floor coverings—they contribute to a welcoming atmosphere, adding a stylish touch that enhances the overall aesthetics of your environment. 

Balance Your Interests

With varying sizes, shapes, designs, materials, and woven patterns, your office rug choices are virtually endless. When selecting a rug, prioritize durability and practicality to ensure it meets the demands of your workspace. 

Consider Practical Decor

Unlike extensive redesigns involving significant changes to walls, floors, and existing decor, adding the right rug can be a simple yet impactful solution. Rugs provide a versatile and practical way to introduce visual interest and elevate the overall ambiance of your commercial space.

Improve Your Acoustics

Enhancing the acoustics of your office space is crucial for creating a conducive and productive work environment. The challenge lies in mitigating common workplace noises such as rolling chairs, employee conversations, and typing sounds. Hard surfaces like concrete and tile often amplify and reflect these noises, leading to an echo-prone atmosphere. Rugs can absorb sound, reducing noise levels and creating a quieter, distraction-free workspace. 

Prioritize Comfort

While offices often feel too “corporate” and formal, rugs and carpets provide an excellent opportunity to transform the atmosphere. Introducing these soft and comfortable elements lets you inject warmth and coziness into the workplace. A well-chosen rug enhances the physical comfort of your office and contributes to a more inviting and enjoyable ambiance.

Remember Floor Protection and Safety

Office rugs are a practical preventive measure against slips and falls. Smooth floors, especially in high-traffic areas, can become hazardous, particularly when liquids are spilled and go unnoticed. Rugs create a protective barrier that minimizes the risk of accidents and safeguards the floor from scuffs, spills, and scratches. This ensures the safety of your employees and visitors and helps you avoid potential floor repairs in the long run. 

Define Your Space

Rugs can be crucial in delineating and defining specific spaces within the office. Interior designers strategically use rugs to create visual boundaries between workstations, collaboration zones, and recreational areas. This imparts a sense of order to the office environment and contributes to a more inviting and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Selecting the Right Office Rug for Your Space 

Determine the Purpose of the Rug 

Different rugs have different purposes and advantages they can bring to any space. Before you set your sights on one particular style you like, first consider what the purpose is. Do you need it for soundproofing, decoration, or for floor protection? 

Prepare for the Foot Traffic

Now that you’ve determined its purpose, it’s time to evaluate how much foot traffic you can expect in its desired location. High-traffic areas need more durable rugs that don’t wear down quickly. Durable rugs, such as woven or hand-tufted rugs, tend to be more dense and steeper in price than thinner rugs. 

Choose the Right Size for the Rug in Your Office

As much as you would like to select the biggest, most eye-catching rug, it is important to balance it out with the existing furniture in the room. Rugs are there to accentuate a space, so they mustn’t overpower or add clutter to the other elements of the room. A rug that is too small can make the room feel cramped, while a large rug can make the room feel bare. 

How to choose a rug size for your office often boils down to the purpose and desired placement of your rug. If you want a rug that goes under your desk, you can pick a size larger than your desk so the legs don’t rest on the edges of the rug. Larger open office spaces can benefit from multiple rugs to distinguish various areas from one another. 

Play Around with Shapes

Rectangular rugs are a safe option for most offices, which is why they are the most common.  Consider the theme and aesthetic of your office. Is it traditional, industrial, or modern? Depending on the office’s aesthetic, sometimes a differently shaped rug, such as round or irregularly shaped, can bring out the best balance to your office space. 

Consider Rug Maintenance

The regular maintenance of your rugs and carpets is one thing to consider. Rugs are challenging to clean on your own, and you would typically have to either bring them to rug cleaning experts or call services to visit your office occasionally to do deep cleaning. 

This is where a rug’s material comes into play. You would need less maintenance and deep cleaning if the rug is easy to maintain. Some of these materials include cotton, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. These kinds of rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas as they are stain-resistant and would require less maintenance. 

If maintenance costs are not a significant factor, you can select the material based on your desired use. Low-pile rugs are smooth and great for office chairs. Wool, jute, and other natural fibers make durable rugs that will last long. 

Find A Design that Matches Your Aesthetics

Now that you have done all the other practical considerations, it is time to select the design that catches your eye. Make sure that it matches and complements the aesthetic of your existing space. Traditional offices typically choose colors like beige, blue, and gray, as they help evoke calmness and professionalism. Youthful and hip offices often select bold and statement colors and geometric patterns. 

Find the Perfect Office Rug with Cyrus Artisan Rugs

Office rugs are essential in uplifting the aesthetics, protecting your floors, and keeping the workplace productive. Finding the right rug size, shape, and design can be made easier with the help of professionals from Cyrus Artisan Rugs. Our rug experts can guide you through selecting the best rug that meets all your requirements. Explore our rug catalog today!