All you need to know about Over-Dyed Vintage Carpets

Posted On November 4, 2019

There has been a surge in the over-dyed vintage rug trend over the past year. So what are over-dyed vintage rugs, how are they made, and how can they be used in home decor? Take a look below to learn all you need to know about over-dyed vintage carpets.

Origin of Over-Dyed Oriental Carpets

Over-dyed rugs began their journey in the world-renowned weaving and arts center of Istanbul, Turkey. Turkish rug dealers began the process as a way to try and revitalize and rejuvenate worn, faded, or simply old handmade rugs, with the hopes they may be able to sell them again. Over time, other rug centers began the same process, including Iran and Afghanistan.

The Process

A majority of over-dyed carpets are constructed from wool. The rugs are first decolorized and the original colors are neutralized, if they are not already faded. Although the original colors are toned down, the rug still retains the essence of its original design. Then, the piece is over-dyed with rich ink or dye to create a solid, monochromatic color. The original design peeking through the over-dye gives the rug dimension and character. This process creates vivid, bright palettes in place of the faded, dingy original appearance. The result of this process has been a favorite in modern home decor in recent times, as over-dyed vintage rugs perfectly blend traditional motifs and taste with a contemporary palette and aesthetic.

Versatile Decor with a Contemporary Twist

What began as an effort to salvage imperfections on beautiful carpets from wear, age, and damage over time produced a revolutionary movement in rug decor and stunning movement of color. The nature of vintage carpets is to embrace the slight inconsistencies, as the striations of color make each piece unique and one-of-a-kind. Decorating with over-dyed vintage rugs works well in both contemporary and classic home settings, as they truly blend the old with the new. Old Turkish and oriental rugs become modern and accessible with this process. What once was a traditional carpet is now a contemporary masterpiece. Use an over-dyed vintage carpet to add a color pop and subtle texture to a neutral room.