What Size Should a Rug Under a King Bed Be?

Posted On July 25, 2023

The larger-than-life dimension of a king-size bed brings incomparable comfort and commands a great deal of visual interest. When designing a bedroom, the area rug placed underneath is often overlooked. Discover how big of a rug to place under a king-size bed and uncover the secret to transforming your bedroom into a stylish and cozy oasis.

Many fail to notice that the right carpet can take your interior design to the next level. The right rug can keep your feet warm on cold mornings, minimize noise for anyone on the next floor, and act as an extension of your bed.

Placing a well-sized rug under a king-sized bed can transform the entire space, adding style, comfort, and a touch of luxury. However, knowing what size rug you can use under a king bed can be challenging as you must consider its large dimensions.

This guide will explore the importance of choosing the right area rug size under a king bed and provide helpful tips to ensure your bedroom exudes elegance and functionality.

What Goes on Your Area Rug?

Before you decide how big of a rug to place under a king-size bed, you must know what you will put on your rug. Some key items include the bed frame and additional features, such as footboards or canopy frames, bedside tables, and benches at the foot of your bed.

Furniture pieces often fit under the area rug in a living room and dining area setting. However, since king-size beds are too large, they become an exemption to the rule.

Different Area Rug Sizes Under a King-size Bed

Knowing what size rug under a king bed works best can be challenging. You must find the dimensions that make your bed feel proportional to your overall space. One that’s too big can make a room feel crowded, while a carpet that’s too small will fail to anchor the space.

Generally, your rug should extend at least 18” beyond the sides of your bed, regardless of size. A standard king bed is 76” wide and 80” long, so the smallest rug size you can get is 8×10.

Here are some rug sizes you can partner with your king bed.

8×10 Rug

This size has sufficient length and width to frame the bed without excessive overhang. You can position it horizontally to complement the foot of the bed or highlight the headboard and nightstands.

Best recommended for: small bedrooms measuring at least 10×12

9×12 Rug

9×12 rugs are among the best rug sizes under a king bed. This size allows for the perfect fit, accommodating not just the king-size bed but also the nightstands and additional furniture like a bench or chest at the foot of the bed. 

Best recommended for: 11×14 bedrooms

10×14 Rug

This generous rug size provides ample coverage to anchor the bed, nightstands, and foot-side furniture while leaving enough space on all sides for a visually-appealing arrangement.

Best recommended for: 13×13 bedrooms or larger

12×15 Rug

Some homeowners have a California king bed, which is longer and narrower than the standard-sized kings. Their measurements are 72×84 compared to the regular size of 76×80. Like a 10×14 rug, this carpet will comfortably accommodate the bed frame, nightstands, and other furniture around your bed. 

Best recommended for: bedrooms with a California king bed

How to Position Area Rugs Under King-size Beds

There are different placements for arranging your bed and furniture pieces.

Frame two-thirds of the bed

Only let the lower two-thirds of the bed and bench sit on the rug, leaving the head of the bed and nightstands on the bare floor. This is the most traditional interior design option, as it centers the room around your sleeping space.

Having two of the four bedframe legs on the rug is common, but nightstands and benches should have all legs or none on the carpet. Any floating legs will make your space look imbalanced.

Frame the bottom third of the bed

Another placement technique is having only the bottom third of the bed and foot-of-the-bed furniture on your area rug. This technique is ideal for longer rooms or those who want to show off more of the rug’s design.

Frame the entire bed

Include all four corners of the bed on the rug. Doing so utilizes the entirety of your rug and reveals more bare flooring, perfect if you have beautiful hardwood floors but want to extend underfoot comfort when you step out of bed.

Frame the bed, nightstand, and other pieces

You will need a sizable rug under your bed frame, nightstands, and other furniture, like a bedside accent chair or bench at the foot of your bed. This placement delivers a cohesive sleeping area and creates a well-balanced space.

Try runner rugs

You don’t always have to partner a large area rug with your king-size bed. Sometimes the best solution is a small, narrow runner rug beside your bed, delivering the same benefit of underfoot coziness without lifting a heavy bed frame. 

If you want runner rugs to extend underneath your nightstands, choose a 2×9 runner for each side of the bed. Otherwise, a 2×6 rug will do. You can also include a 4×6 runner at the foot of the bed to imitate the appearance of a full-size area rug.

Tips for Non-Standard Rooms and Layouts

Not every room features hardwood floors, and the bed is not always centered as the focal point. Here are tips to remember for these unique situations:

  • One side of the bed is against the wall: Tuck at least two inches of a 5×8 rug under the open side of the bed to create the illusion of a larger room while providing plenty of open space and plush comfort.
  • Room with carpeted flooring: Allow two inches of your 5×8 or 6×9 rug to appear under the footboard of your bed. You won’t have to worry about having a soft landing at your feet because the entire floor is already carpeted.

Complete Your Bedroom’s Look with an Area Rug

Selecting the best rug size under a king bed can be daunting. There are various factors to consider, such as the bed’s proportions, size recommendations, placement, and layout options.

Enhance your room’s look and create a cozy sanctuary with the perfect rug. Transform your bedroom into a tranquil oasis where you can unwind and recharge. Discover the right rug size to complement your furniture and create a blissful ambiance.