Five Unique Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home Stand Out

Posted On December 14, 2022

Now that most of us are spending a lot of time at home, well-decorated spaces are crucial. For those who are working from home, it’s important to create pockets of relaxation and productivity to achieve work-life integration.

Modern spaces need to be fit for remote work while still feeling cozy and homey. This is why most people think that balancing these elements when decorating is overwhelming. 

Regardless of whether you plan to refresh the look of your living room or want to create inspiring spaces, this blog will surprise you with easy and unique decor ideas that you can try.

The Hows of Home Decor

Before you start rearrangements or renovation projects, there are three basic things you need to consider: layout, measurements, and theme. 


Knowing the exact measurements of your space makes decorating your home easy. When you know the dimensions of your room and the furniture you would like to use, you minimize errors and maximize the space of your home. Remember to have the accurate dimensions of your room or space before you draft its layout. Once you’ve made sure of your measurements, you can then carefully plot out and visualize how your furniture and decor will look in the room.


Now that you have the dimensions of your room, you can now do space planning to know how your space will eventually look.

Space planning is finding out the purpose and basic layout of a specific space in your home. Instead of letting style dictate the functionality of a room that often leads to a cluttered and inefficient interior design, it prioritizes the intended usage of the room. Put simply, you should consider function over form when organizing a space instead of the other way around.

For instance, if you plan to turn a portion of your living room into a dining space, you need to ensure that your layout will have enough natural and unhindered foot traffic. This means avoiding large pieces that can obstruct people from moving. When people decorate their rooms without a proper layout, it can make daily activities difficult and frustrating.


It is easy to get overwhelmed by the many interesting home decor ideas you can find on the internet. Aside from elevating the value and look of your home, themes bind the individual elements you want to include in your space into a cohesive look. It gives you direction in choosing the right items that will fit the look you want to achieve and prevents you from overdecorating. 

You can significantly decrease time spent browsing furniture and other accessories by having a guide on what you should include in your space alongside your furniture and decor shopping list. 

5 Unique Decorating Tips for Elevating Your Living Space

Whether you want to refresh the look of your living room or create a new and productive space, here are some interesting decor ideas that you can follow. 

Balance contrasting elements

Just because you have a theme, it doesn’t mean you can no longer mix and match certain design elements. You can experiment with different materials and use them to highlight your overarching theme. 

For example, if you love geometric shapes, you can incorporate circles and other round objects to accentuate the squares and rectangles present in your room. The drastic difference between the smoothness and roundness of circles and the strong corners of squares allow your eyes to appreciate their respective qualities. Executing strong contrasts in decorating is all about balancing these elements to create a unique and solid interior design.

Don’t be afraid of color

Stand-out colors like orange can be tricky to use properly. If utilized well, it can radiate warmth and evoke joy in a dull room. Otherwise, it can look tacky and out of place compared to other rooms in your home.

Learning how to use challenging colors offers a great payoff! Besides helping your living space stand out more, it also highlights specific elements of your room. For instance, if you want to incorporate statement pieces into your home, you can add white walls to balance things out and focus the spotlight on those one-of-a-kind furniture pieces or vice versa! You can also paint your room with vibrant colors and complement it with neutral-colored furniture to balance things out. 

Play with patterns, shapes, and textures

Similar to stand-out colors, there are various ways that homeowners like yourself can work with different patterns, shapes, and textures! 

One of the unique decorating ideas you could follow is opting for irregularly shaped sofas. If this furniture isn’t your thing, you can always use a well-made rug to add texture and character to your space. 

Different rugs and carpets can liven up any space. For instance, those who want to add more depth to their rooms can use textured rugs to give the space the illusion of a layered look. Additionally, other pieces like exquisite Persian rugs with eye-catching patterns can be the centerpiece of your minimalist space. 

Add beautiful rugs and carpets

Speaking of rugs, you can display them in different ways other than using them on your floors. You can get antique rugs and hang them on walls and use them as statement decor. 

Hanging tapestries is one of the many interesting home decor ideas that you can use to elevate your home. There are various types and sizes of rugs that you can use depending on your needs. You can hang them above your fireplace or cover a larger area by hanging them on a blank wall in your dining room.

Elevate your shelves

Mounting bookshelves are also a great way of adding wall accents and giving your room more storage and floor space.

Instead of putting your memorabilia or other collections on a glass case, you can install floating shelves on one of your walls. Doing so will give you more space and provide you with the opportunity of creating an eye-catching display.

Create a Serene Space For Your Home

Our homes can become cherished spaces that allow us to become the best version of ourselves. With the right interior design, you can create a home that fills you with passion and excitement for living. For more unique home decor ideas, check out the Cyrus Artisan blog here.