Accent Furniture Ideas to Add Zest to Your Space

Accent Furniture Ideas to Add Zest to Your Space

Posted On October 6, 2022

Accent furniture plays a vital role in highlighting the nuance of your interior design concept–it’s an excellent way to add zest to an otherwise drab space. But pulling off an elegant look without clashing colors and styles is challenging

With so many accent furniture pieces to choose from–from eclectic chairs to art-deco lamps––it’s crucial to find the right accent piece that accentuates your home’s beauty further instead of letting it go to waste.

What is accent furniture?

Accent furniture is any design element that stands out against the rest of a room’s design concept. These pieces range from large furnishings to small design elements that differ from a space’s overall theme—e.g., a colorful chair in a monochrome, beige bedroom, or a traditional Persian rug in a contemporary living space.

Any furniture or fixture can serve as accent furniture. The primary role of an accent piece is to add color, texture, and drama to a space. Designers rarely use them for their functionality; instead, they draw attention and complement the room’s general motif. 

Finding the perfect accent furniture for your home can be a challenging task. But you can follow three rules to make shopping for accent furniture easier.

How to shop for the perfect accent furniture

Here are three rules to follow when shopping for the right accent piece for your home. 

Opt for unique fabrics

Statement chairs or sofas are some of the most accessible accent furniture pieces. They’re easy to style and come in endless variations to suit your taste. If you plan on purchasing an accent chair or sofa for your living room, you first must consider its fabric.

When using them as accent pieces, your chosen sofa or chair doesn’t share the same fabric as the rest of your furnishings so it stands out and enhances the cohesion of your aesthetic. 

For example, if your armchairs use cotton fabric, your accent sofa should be upholstered in leather or another material to match your chosen design concept. Conversely, if most of your furniture has leather upholstery, go for armchairs with complimentary fabric like linen. 

Complement furniture styles and proportions

As the name suggests, accent furniture further highlights your space’s beauty. When matching different design elements with one another, it helps to find pieces similar to your furniture in style and proportion. 

For instance, to create a Moroccan-inspired bedroom filled with intricate patterns, a textured cream rug serves as an excellent statement piece that accentuates and grounds the otherwise vibrant and bold elements of traditional Moroccan-inspired interior design. 

On the other hand, if you have a sprawling couch in the middle of your living room, opt for more miniature accent furniture highlighting the size of your statement couch. You can create a cohesive look between two different pieces of furniture by ensuring that their proportions stay the same.

Have a color or pattern in mind

With so many options, you might feel overwhelmed by the different designs and colors of furniture at your disposal. For this reason, it’s good to go shopping with a specific color scheme or pattern already in mind. 

Accent furnishings are best if you want to add color to your minimalistic home office. Conversely, to add depth to your monotone design concept, a textured rug in a similar tone to your color scheme will do the trick. 

Five accent furniture ideas you can do for an elegant home

To help you elevate the overall look of your home, we’ve listed five ideas to try out.

Liven up your entryway

One of the first living room accent furniture ideas we recommend you try is to liven up your entryway. Your home’s entrance sets the overall tone of your interior design, making them the perfect place for accent furniture like ornate chests. 

A trunk with bold colors and intricate patterns can easily elevate an otherwise bland entryway. You can also add an accent chair to your decor ideas. For example, small console tables and unique armchairs can fill up an empty hallway without taking up too much space. As a bonus, they even serve a practical function.

Highlight design elements with rugs

Another popular accent furniture idea is using rugs to play up certain design elements. For example, neutral-colored striped rugs can draw attention to a particular corner of the room or a piece of furniture. Conversely, if you want to accentuate the walls of a room, you can hang colorful antique rugs to create an accent wall.

Designers also recommend using a one-of-a-kind designer statement rug as an accent piece. A luxury rug goes well with most modern contemporary concepts since it imbibes a sense of flair thanks to its high-quality fibers and impressive construction. These rugs are ideal if you want to adopt a modern look for your living room and punctuate it with drama for a luxurious feel.

Let your dining table shine

Consider an eclectic dining set if you’re looking for dining room accent furniture ideas. Dining tables are some of the most common statement pieces for decoration since they’re practical and offer endless style options. You can choose from a wide variety of different materials, colors, and finishes. 

And with your dining table as the focal point of your dining room, you can pick out rugs and lighting that will help further accentuate its beauty. For example, a neutral, tufted carpet highlights the ornate details of your antique dining set.

Pair harmonious color tones for a cohesive look

Sometimes, it’s challenging to determine what other design elements a space needs so that it feels and looks put together. In such instances, it’s recommended that you mix different tones for a more polished look. For example, if your accent furniture has a wood finish, pair them with a mixture of metal finishes for a more cohesive theme.

Curate an accent wall

Accent furniture ideas don’t stop at contrasting furniture. An accent wall filled with your favorite artworks or photographs can perfectly accentuate any area in your home. Aside from highlighting your interior design, accent walls allow you to showcase your personality through your curated decor. It’s perfect for adding life to your room and creating a corner for your favorite photos or art.

Elevate any space with the correct statement piece

Interior design is a complex and daunting task. But with the help of the shopping guide and accent furniture ideas we’ve mentioned above, we’re confident that you’ll be able to curate your home according to your style and preference. For more design inspiration, visit Cyrus Artisan Rugs’ blog here.