35 Chic Ways to Decorate the Corners of Any Room

Posted On December 22, 2022

When decorating your home, it’s easy to forget about corners. But it’s wise not to underestimate the ability of a well-decorated corner to balance and elevate the overall look of a room. 

Don’t know where to start? There are various ways to decorate the corners of any room in your home. From adding statement chairs to building chic storage spaces, we’ve listed down several unique corner decorating ideas you can do to bring life to your empty nooks!

How to decorate a corner space

Add light to empty corners

Adding a floor lamp or accent lighting to your walls is one of the most convenient ways to decorate a corner space. Got extra room beside your sofa? You can add a floor lamp to it or a table lamp on an existing side table to fill it out.

Add chic storage spaces

If you want to turn an empty corner of your living room or bedroom into something chic and functional, you can always use it as a storage area. Dressers or cabinets that match the room’s concept or contrast its existing color scheme are ideal for this purpose. 

Hang colorful rugs 

Hanging a unique carpet on your wall like a Persian or antique rug is also a great solution to decorating a corner space. It’s common for homeowners to put all of their favorite artworks in the center of their walls. But we recommend hanging an eye-catching piece on empty corner walls for an exciting look.

Add some greenery

Plants are a simple way to spruce up an empty corner and breathe new life into your home. A tall, eye-catching plant such as the Ficus tree can work well, as will a large-leaf potted house plant like the Monstera.

You can also group smaller plants into one corner and place them on different-sized plant holders to create an asymmetrical look. 

Create a reading nook

If you’re someone who enjoys spending time on a book or two, a reading nook is the perfect addition to your empty corner. Start by finding an armchair that fits your room’s central theme and a small corner table where you can place a table lamp and a few books.

Add unique sculptures

Got a knack for sculpture art collecting? Why not fill your empty corners with your sculptures and installations? Not only will you be decorating a corner space, but you’ll also be adding value to your collection. 

All you need to find is a pedestal you can use to keep your favorite pieces standing upright and on display. You can also hang a few accent lights to highlight the sculpture. 

Experiment with unique shapes

It’s not uncommon to find weirdly shaped corners in your home. For example, those with spiral stairs sometimes have an odd nook beneath them. You can experiment with uniquely-shaped furniture and add a crescent sofa as a statement piece to balance these areas out.

Curate your gallery

Many interior designers love creating gallery walls as it adds more character to any room and is pretty easy to do. Look for your favorite framed photos and artworks for your personal home gallery. 

Try out corner shelves

Corner shelves are essential when decorating the corner of rooms, like the kitchen, bathroom, and offices. You can use your corner shelves to store files in your office or display your unique silverware in the kitchen. It’s also an excellent solution for adding more storage space to your bathroom. 

Add a mirror

Full-length mirrors are one of the more popular decorating ideas for empty corner spaces. Statement mirrors are trendy home decor pieces that you can use to illuminate or create the illusion more space in your bedroom and living room. 

Spice up your entryway

Many homeowners struggle to elevate and jazz up their entryways. Aside from typical solutions like hooks and hidden shoe racks, you can always add a small console, an area rug, and a mirror to spice up your entryway. 

Invest in accent furniture

Another great way to decorate a corner of your room is by investing in accent furniture. Accent furniture like chaise lounges and bean bags in the empty corners of a bedroom can add a bit of personality to any room with ease. This furniture makes the entire space look cozier and inviting. 

Build a breakfast nook

Breakfast nooks are the perfect solution if you want to add more life to a dull kitchen corner and make your home’s atmosphere cozier and more functional. You can add a small table, a few benches, and some texture pillows to create your breakfast nook. 

Make your feature corner

If you want your bedroom to highlight your personality, you can always create a feature corner accentuating your collection. For example, if you like books, you can add corner shelves and fill them with your favorite titles. Another option is to create a focal point depending on the aesthetic of your bedroom. 

Curate your mini bar

You’ll benefit from building a mini bar at home if you enjoy hosting small gatherings. Instead of neglecting a corner of your living space, you can put a small drink cart there and fill it with your favorite spirits.

Hang a chair

Do you want to fill an empty corner in your teen’s boho-themed bedroom? Decorate it with a hanging chair. Hanging chairs are perfect for homes with high ceilings and create the ideal casual hideaway for your young adult.

Use a ladder

It’s challenging to figure out functional yet stylish items to put in your bathroom’s empty corner space, but a small ladder is one home decor piece that fits the bill. Wooden ladders have become popular in recent years because they add life to empty corners and serve as a functional feature for hanging extra towels. 

Add artwork on an easel

Display your favorite artworks differently by using an easel to your advantage. Instead of hanging your favorite piece on your wall, you can get creative and quirky by putting it on an easel. 

Create more depth with a screen

Folding screens can add depth and order to an open-concept area. Besides introducing a unique appeal to a corner of a room, it also uses minimal floor space to highlight or divide certain areas into sections. 

Get extra seating

Add more seating into your living space for when friends and family come over by decorating a corner of their room with armchairs. You can also add matching chairs into these empty spaces and give your visitors more comfortable seats. 

Highlight an antique

Display your favorite antique finds by giving them a dedicated corner all to themselves. Decorate a corner of your living room by displaying your favorite pieces on things like pedestals to highlight them.

Build a corner vanity

Another great way to use your neglected nook is by adding a small vanity into your bedroom or guestroom. If your room has a tight corner, you can add a desk, a wall mirror, and a small ottoman to build your vanity. A soft rug can also add more texture to your vanity nook. 

Invest in floor-to-ceiling shelves

Investing in a floor-to-ceiling shelf ensures that your living room doesn’t have an awkward corner space. Aside from providing plenty of space for your books and TV, it’s an excellent solution for filling out empty corner spaces. 

Create a dressing area

If you want to recreate a celebrity’s closet, why not decorate your corner space and turn it into a dressing area? You only need a chaise lounge, a large mirror, and a soft, textured rug to create a dressing space.

Feature your favorite looks

One of the more accessible decorating ideas for empty spaces in the market is displaying your favorite wardrobe with a clothing rack. You’ll be able to enjoy showing off designer pieces by using clothing racks to decorate a corner space in your bedroom or walk-in closet. 

Use a console 

Consoles can be a great home decor for empty corners. Whether you want to use it as accent furniture or as an organizer, it’s a great solution to your problem of learning how to decorate a corner space. You can add a unique console table to a corner of your entryway and decorate it with a tray for keys and other items for practical use. 

Build your cleaning nook

If you want to make the most out of the space above your laundry machine, you can use hanging shelves and small baskets to organize your cleaning supplies. 

Use vented woodwork for your radiator

To prevent radiators from making your hallways’ motif look awkward, you can use vented woodwork to cover it. Additionally, if it includes a flat top surface, you can add a vase of flowers as decoration. 

Find the right sectional sofa

Like floor-to-ceiling shelves, sectional sofas are preventative measures for dull-looking corner spaces. Many interior designers recommend using sectional sofas to create a lounging area at home because it’s the perfect spot for relaxation. 

Use accent tables

If your home already has a sectional sofa, you can tie the entire look together with accent tables. You can decorate your accent table with a table lamp or a vase filled with your favorite flowers. 

Add a blanket rack

Does your family love lounging around on a Friday night? Then a blanket rack is a perfect decor for your empty corner space. You can buy a stainless or wooden stand in a nearby store and use it to store your favorite throw blankets when not in use. 

Create a kid’s corner

A rug is the perfect solution if you want corner decorating ideas for your child’s bedroom. Aside from decorating a corner of their room with a toy box, you can add a sizable, durable rug and a small table to create their play corner. 

Build your music nook 

A music nook with a stylish console table for its record player is ideal for audiophiles. You can look for a wide console for their record player and stereo system. Additionally, you can add a rug underneath the console table for a more stylized finish. 

Add a corner fireplace

A corner fireplace can add warmth to your empty corner space for homeowners who live in a colder state. You can choose between various freestanding fireplaces that are much easier to install. 

Open a window

Corner windows are difficult to achieve, but it’s a rewarding choice that allows you to enjoy more sunlight in your home. If you think your overall experience will be better with the help of a corner window, you can always seek the advice of your local contractor. 

Every inch matters

For many interior designers, empty corners leave a feeling of incomplete decor. With the right balance of function and aesthetics, homeowners can make the most of every inch of their homes. 

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