9 Bedroom Trends for 2024

9 Bedroom Trends for 2024

Posted On June 12, 2024

Interior design evolves year after year. And in 2024, we’re looking to see popular décor ideas centered on sophisticated elegance sprinkled with nostalgia and innovation. Inventive trends will undoubtedly translate into living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, but you’ll also see them seep into the most personal space in your home—your bedroom. Check out these nine bedroom trends 2024 will be dominated by.

Combining Modern and Vintage

When it comes to interior design, most people today are either contemporary urbanites who love sleek, chic, modern spaces or old souls who want to add a vintage touch to their homes. But this year, we may see a blend of the two aesthetic styles in spaces where new and old coexist harmoniously. 

Think of combinations like minimalist bedside tables on top of vintage distressed rugs, or perhaps an antique lamp on a sleek, modern dresser. Combining past and present in your décor allows your space to give the nod to retro-inspired styles while staying in line with stylish bedroom design trends.

Nostalgic Patterns and Prints

As in recent years, all things nostalgic will still be big in 2024. Retro-style décor, like vintage posters and antique furniture, can offer that warmth and familiarity we all crave in the fast-paced modern world. But one of the bedroom design trends that may blow up this year is nostalgic vintage patterns. Think free-form blobs and psychedelic wallpaper reminiscent of the 70s to art deco geometric patterns above your headboard that bring you back to the Roaring Twenties.

Romantic Ruffles and Florals

Among the nostalgic bedroom trends we’ll see this year is the resurgence of all things romantic. That means lace, velvet, and plenty of florals that add a delicate, feminine touch to your personal space. Dreamy, elegant details such as ruffles on pillowcases and beddings and sheer, lacy curtains can amp up the softness and romance in any bedroom.

Blush décor is another way to tickle your room pink and add femininity to your space. With the rise of this trend, we wouldn’t be surprised if this neutral rose tone becomes one of the most stylish bedroom colors 2024 will see.

Thrifting Bedroom Furniture

As interior design lovers look for more sustainable ways to style and add chicness to their homes without breaking the bank, thrifting is still one of the most popular bedroom furniture trends this year. 

Try looking for old dressers, bedside tables, and bookcases at your local garage sale or flea markets. Then refurbish them with beautiful hardware or a fresh coat of lacquer to spruce them up. This adds a rustic feel to your bedroom. Pro-tip: an antique rug can pull the look of a warm and cozy bedroom like that together!

Adding Texture by Layering Rugs

Laying beautiful rugs one on top of the other doesn’t just make your room look cohesive and showcase your pieces in a unique way. It also adds depth and an eclectic, tactile experience to your space. It also creates a feel of stylish comfort—a must for any chic bedroom. Try layering a small, chunky rug with a pop of color on top of bigger, neutral-toned rugs to make it stand out.

Incorporating Elements of Nature

The Boho style is known for its natural elements, from flowers to vines. This year, expect a resurgence of this classic aesthetic that never goes out of style. People want to connect more with the natural world, so it makes sense to want a bedroom teeming with freshness and life.

Add potted plants or even some hanging vines somewhere in your space. Look for rattan furniture or leafy wallpaper reminiscent of the outdoors. Play around with sage greens, earthy tans, and sandy hues—all interesting bedroom colors 2024 will see a lot of. Refreshingly unique green rugs are perfect for tying spaces like these together.

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury has been a huge trend in fashion this past year. So, don’t be surprised when it starts to make its way to interior design, specifically for bedroom decor ideas 2024 will be dominated by. This aesthetic style is represented by sleek, elegant, sophisticated luxury that is never flashy, loud, or ostentatious. There are many ways to add luxury to your bedroom without being gaudy. Invest in high-quality linens and plush bedding, or perhaps furniture made of the finest marble or wood. Sleek headboards, curated artwork, and accent pieces with stunning metallic hardware also add a touch of quiet luxury to any bedroom.

Seamlessly Incorporating Home Technology

Nothing can ruin the atmosphere of a modern home more than technological clutter, from chargers plugged into extension cords on the floor to wires traversing your walls and ceilings. But in a world where everyone relies on technology to live. So, one trend that will make waves this year is seamlessly concealing home technology all around the house, including the bedroom. Hidden charging stations and smart home devices that blend into your bedroom’s décor and walls will be all the rage. 

Natural Lighting for an Open, Airy Vibe

Bright, open, and airy bedrooms establish a connection with nature and the outside world. One way to achieve that look is to ensure that a lot of natural lighting can enter your room. Big windows with sheer curtains and adjustable blinds can help sunlight pass through to your space. Paint the walls a creamy white or soft pastel tone to bring out your room’s spaciousness and freshness with the help of natural light. 

Incorporate These Bedroom Design Trends into Your Sleep Sanctuary in 2024

These bedroom decor ideas 2024 will bring to the limelight are stylish ways to make your living space more chic and cutting-edge. Whether you’d like to embrace romantic and natural themes or find inspiration from thrifted, DIY bedroom furniture trends, there’s plenty you can do to pack more personality into your space this year.

Want more ideas on future bedroom trends and techniques that will transform and elevate the most personal space in your home? Visit the Cyrus Rugs blog for more inspiration.