How to Style a Rug in Your Living Room

Posted On June 29, 2023

Finding the perfect spot in the living room for your Persian hand-knotted rug can be daunting. 

You don’t want to just place it in a random corner—that takes away from the purpose of a rug and doesn’t do justice to its ornate design and intentional craftsmanship. But how does one know where to place a rug in the living room strategically?

Here are some tips on how to style a rug in the living room to make sure it stands out yet ties the room together aesthetically.

Picking the Right Size for Your Rug

Before even thinking about the proper rug placement in the living room, it’s pertinent that you select the best rug for your space—one that is large enough to cover the floor space without looking awkward. 

When it comes to size, larger rugs are almost always a better fit for living rooms. If you buy a rug that is too small, it won’t cover much of your floor. Your furniture will probably look awkward positioned around it as well, especially if it’s only big enough to be draped under a few seats or half of your coffee table.

Bigger rugs are also fantastic for dividing your room into sections, which is handy if you have an open floor plan. An oversized rug can carve out what you want guests to see as a living room, even if it shares a bigger space with other areas, like the dining room.

Large or even oversized rugs are more sensible for living rooms, which are usually quite spacious to begin with. Measure your living room and the furniture in it to make sure you get the perfect rug size for your space.

Choosing the Right Rug Color and Print

Aside from size, you should also think about the color and print you want your rug to have. It should always be aligned with the mood and vibe you want your living room to emulate.

The key here is to ensure that your rug of choice matches the theme you have in mind for your living room. That way, where to place the rug in the living room comes more naturally.

If you want a colonial-style living room, look for subdued but sophisticated classic colors, like soft blues and pale yellows. 

Go bolder for mid-century modern living rooms with a rug dotted with geometric lines and gem colors, like emerald green or bright red. And if your goal is to have a moody yet warm feel to your living space, add a Moroccan rug with a deep, rich color palette for that relaxing, cozy vibe.

Where to Place Rug in Living Room 

Now, we get to the nitty-gritty of how to place a living room rug properly. Many people automatically assume that a gorgeous hand-woven rug should go in the center of the room. And while this logically makes sense if you have a statement rug that ties the room together, it’s not the only way to style the area rug in living room placement.

One thing you should always do is make sure you keep the furniture on top of your larger rugs. That way, your rug seamlessly and effortlessly blends into the room while anchoring the space. It also makes the living area look a bit larger.

But how exactly should the area rug in living room placement be in terms of where the furniture is placed? Here are a few ideas you can try out.

Best area rug in living room placement for larger rugs 

If you have a large rug, you might want to consider fitting all the furniture in your space on top of it. That means all the legs of your seats and sofas, as well as any coffee tables, will stand on the rug. 

With this technique, your entire living room will look harmonious and tied together cohesively. To make sure the placements don’t look awkward, leave at least a foot of space between the edge of the rug and the back legs of your furniture.

How to place a living room rug between furniture

If your rug isn’t big enough to sit under all your furniture, you can also try placing it under the coffee table and between seats. This look can complement key pieces in your living room, like a majestic sofa or ottoman.

You can also experiment with a “front legs on, back legs off” placement on your rug. That way, the rug is subtly incorporated into the room’s furnishing while adding some proportion to the space. And because not all the furniture sits on top of it, the rug won’t look like it’s drowning out the room.

“No legs” placement on smaller rugs

If you have a smaller rug, the proper rug placement in the living room is to keep all furniture legs off it. Placing furniture on top of a small rug makes it look forced or awkward. 

Sometimes, it’s better to leave the rug without anything on top of it. It also gives you the chance to show off the bold, intricate patterns of a handmade rug. This placement looks great between a sofa and a fireplace or TV.

Leave floor space outside of the rug 

No matter how large your rug is, don’t forget to leave at least 18 inches of bare floor space outside of the rug’s edges. 

This will showcase your hand-tufted rug as an elegant accent piece, not full-blown carpeting. It also gives you a chance to add more furniture to your room outside of the rug area.

Master the Art of Proper Rug Placement in Living Rooms 

Deciding on the proper rug placement in the living room can be a daunting task. The trick to how to place a living room rug is to be intentional with the positioning to showcase its beauty and grandeur while using it strategically to make your room look a certain way.

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