A Closer Look at the Types of Moroccan Rugs

A Closer Look at the Types of Moroccan Rugs

Posted On August 26, 2022

Moroccan rugs have always been popular across the globe. These rugs date back to the mid-20th century, when designers first embraced bold color palettes and geometric patterns. 

The popularity of Moroccan rugs continued to rise over the years due to the intricate designs of these bold textiles. And with interior design trends like Bohemian and eco styles rising, the demand for these colorful rugs continues to increase. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the distinct home decor that is the Moroccan rug and its most popular variations! 

What are Moroccan rugs?

Moroccan-style rugs are soft, plush textiles made from wool and woven by Morocco’s indigenous people. Berber women from Northern Africa and Sahara created these tribal rugs for their homes using traditional methods passed on from one generation of weavers to another. 

Depending on their tribe, weavers create distinct designs that show off their culture. Some artists even dyed their wool to highlight their work. 

The world started to notice Moroccan rugs after Eastern tribes like Beni Ourain began to create pieces meant to be gifts for high-class families. 

Until now, there’s a growing demand for these colorful and distinct rugs across the globe. Hotels, resorts, and even homes all want a piece of this unique rug for their spaces. 


The regions of Morocco have varying climates. Mountain tribes created thicker rugs for the winter, while tribes from the Sahara desert created flat-weave rugs for the hotter temperatures. Collectors can choose from plush rugs to lighter cloaks depending on their preference. Furthermore, there are certain varieties of Moroccan rugs that offer the versatility of both.


Moroccan tribes typically travel from one place to another, so they make sure they can carry their rugs without problems. Most carpets span from five to seven feet and are three to ten meters long. Moroccan rugs can easily be customized depending on the size of your space. 

Colors and patterns

The distinct design of Moroccan rugs is why they are highly sought-after. No two carpets look alike. Every tribe has incorporated different symbols and personal experiences into their Moroccan rugs, making every design unique. 


Nowadays, most Moroccan rugs use nylon, cotton, olefin, and wool. Vintage Moroccan carpets are at a different level since they use sheep wool in different piles since it helped with the cold and snowy climate of the mountain regions in the country. 

What are the types of Moroccan rugs?

Over the years, the different types of Moroccan rugs have grown. You can still categorize them into eight main types which are well-known across the globe.

Beni Ourain

Initially made as gifts or awards to high-class families, Beni Ourain rugs have simple yet elegant patterns. Their designs originally included cream colors and have hints of henna-black or brown hues. These Moroccan-style rugs are made from pure wool and are famous for their fluffy feel. 


Unlike Beni Ouiran rugs, Azila Moroccan rugs have bold and bright colors and patterns. They specifically tell the stories of the Azilal women, including their birth, marriage, and maternity. These use natural wool fiber and a different weaving technique that makes them softer and more comfortable compared to other rugs. 

Moroccan Kilim Rugs 

The women of Atlas Mountains created flat-woven Moroccan Kilim rugs that are easy to pack and carry. Thanks to their incredible durability and strong resistance to high sun exposure, they are perfect for outdoor use. Homeowners can use them on their patios without having to worry about the colors fading over time due to the sun. 

Boucherouite rugs

The Boucherouite carpets use different textiles like cotton, nylon, and lurex, making them the most unique and impressive type of Moroccan rug on the market. 

They provide warmth to tribes from the higher mountains and don’t feature complicated patterns like Beni Ouiran pieces. This is one of the types of Moroccan tribal rugs that are exceptionally cozy and vibrant.

Taznakht Rugs

The Taznakht rugs are famous for their three weaving styles: embroidery, knotting, and flat weaving. These specific weaving styles let Taznakht pieces have raised patterns with the help of triangular and diamond shapes. Collectors can choose from a wide variety of simple or complex styles that can fit their design needs and preferences.

Beni Mguild

Among the different types of Moroccan tribal rugs available in the market, the Beni Mguild carpet is the only one that features both a soft and a flat side. It’s a versatile Moroccan rug that provides you with versatility as no other carpet can, thanks to its vertical loom knots. 

Zanafi rugs

Zanafi rugs are the more straightforward Moroccan rugs available in the market. The flat weave doesn’t feature intricate patterns like previous rugs mentioned earlier, but instead, it has raised elements similar to the Kilim rugs. Zanafi pieces often come in white, cream, black, and brown colors. 

Boujad Rugs

The Boujad rugs feature deep reds, purples, pinks, and orange hues. These carpets that originated from the Central Plains of Morocco have geometric patterns and are impressive to the eyes! 

Traditionally, Boujad rugs use soft wool as material and natural dyes for color. 

What makes Moroccan rugs so popular? 

People often find the varieties and vibrance of different types of Moroccan rugs intimidating. But in reality, these rugs are the perfect all-around home decor. Whether you love maximalist interiors or want to learn how to decorate with neutral colors, there’s a perfect Moroccan-style rug for you. 

For instance, you can mix wood finishes with colorful Moroccan pieces like Azilian carpets to create a neutral contrast in your space. Another great example is how you can layer various Moroccan carpets to add more depth to your room. 

It’s the perfect solution for any homeowner who wants to spice up their space without renovating their entire interior design. 

Enjoy the Timeless Elegance of Moroccan Rugs and Carpets

Moroccan rugs prove that anyone can add historical art to their homes without overthinking it. The amount of options you have makes these pieces versatile and suits almost any space or style.

If you want more ideas on how you can creatively use Moroccan-style rugs for your home, check out our blog here